Ariana Grande drops 'Everyday' music video

Drop everything! Ariana Grande just released her newest music video, "Everyday," off her Dangerous Woman record on Sunday, Feb. 26.

While Future makes an appearance in the video, the rapper and the 23-year-old singer never share the screen.

Wearing an oversized blue puffer jacket, Ariana struts her stuff as she's witnessing plenty of PDA on the hood of a car, inside a bus and at a corporate office.

More importantly, the music video is inclusive of different races, genders, ages and shapes and sizes in the displays of affection.

As Ariana sings the catchy verse, "He giving me that good s**t/That make me not quit, that good s**t," the audience gets an eyeful of couples making out in a laundromat.

And what's naughtier than getting it on, while doing the laundry?

Apparently, having sex on top of the office copier won't get you sent to HR in Ari's music video.

Cue Future rapping his verse: "I got your body and put it in drive, baby/Like I got keys in..."

One of the best moments is when an elderly couple going at it on the bus gets an A-OK nod from the pint-sized singer.

Check it all out below:

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