Beach Slang reinvent the songs that shaped them

The best way to determine a band's artistic caliber might not be their original songs. Instead, the way an artist reinterprets the work of other musicians shows just how talented they really are. Cover songs have become a notable pop culture trend, with hit radio programs like the BBC Live Lounge testing artists on the spot.  That’s what makes Beach Slang's new EP, Here, I Made This For You (Vol. 2) so exciting.

Putting a modern spin on the Candyskins and the Jesus and Mary Chain, Beach Slang remind us there’s nothing wrong with romanticizing your favorite songs.

Though it’s so easy to fall victim to the angsty indie-rock stereotype, Beach Slang have made a name for themselves by being fearlessly experimental. The Philadelphia rockers have a knack for being unapologetically youthful and defiant. With this series of EPs, Beach Slang are bridging the gap between their past and their future. It’s easy to see why the band chose to cover these tracks; vocalist James Alex clearly draws inspiration from each one of these supersonic punk bands.

As the second installment of Beach Slang’s mixtape experiment, this EP celebrates a sort of wistful romanticism for the old-school. After releasing Volume 1, Alex penned a heartfelt note to loyal fans. “When I can’t quite figure out how to say a thing to someone, I make tapes for them,” wrote Alex. “I need them to really know I mean it, you know?” There’s something special about a band that knows their fans would do anything for them and admits the feeling is mutual.

While patiently waiting for a third full-length album from the Philly four-piece, revel in these brilliant cover tracks. The best part? Both volumes of Here, I Made This For You can be purchased as actual cassette tapes from the Polyvinyl Records store.

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