Bean Box ‘Make a Mocha’ Coffee Box product review

If you’re looking for a unique coffee gift box for a loved one or even yourself, Bean Box has a variety of options pairing sample-sized bags of coffee with things like chocolate bars, glass mugs or even just a lot more coffee. I tried their “Make a Mocha” box which included 2 bags of gourmet cocoa and several sample bags of coffees roasted in Seattle. That city knows its coffee. Have a peek inside my box!

As you can see above, when I opened my box, I found a handwritten note from the Bean Box team. All the goodies were packed in red tissue paper and arrived safely.

Bean Box Make a Mocha Coffee Box coffee bags

The first items I pulled from the package were four sample coffee bags. They are all light or medium body roasts with chocolate tasting notes. The beans are from a variety of places, but they were all roasted in Seattle a few days before shipping to me. I’ve tried Bean Box’s coffees before and they are always excellent – well rounded and never bitter. These were no exception.

Bean Box Make a Mocha Coffee Box drinking chocolate

Of course, you can’t make mocha without chocolate. Bean Box included two good sized bags of drinking chocolate. I’m not talking the powdered stuff you get from the grocery store. No. This was decadent chocolate shavings in two different flavors. One was a milk chocolate European style and the other was Venezuelan Black dark chocolate. Both were amazing. Throw a couple of tablespoons worth into your coffee and add milk. Best mocha I ever had – spectacular coffee and high-quality chocolate give you a morning treat you won’t soon forget.

In addition to the mocha supplies, Bean Box threw in a single top quality chocolate piece. I split it with my fiancé and it was delicious.

If you adore someone who has an equal love for chocolate and coffee, this is the ultimate gift. While it may seem a bit pricey at $48, they definitely don’t skimp out by giving you cheap items. Artisan coffee plus artisan drinking chocolate is well worth the price in my eyes and shipping is always free in the USA.

To check out Bean Box’s gift packs or subscription coffee service, click here. Always friendly with delicious fare, they’re certainly worth looking into if you enjoy coffee.

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