On 'Bloodshot Tokyo' The Dig find their footing

Fans of experimental alternative groups like Tame Impala and Glass Animals will instantly gravitate towards this Brooklyn-based quartet. On Bloodshot Tokyo, The Dig have finally found their groove. The band’s earlier work consists of downplayed guitar-driven melodies that often sparked comparisons to their old rehearsal neighbors, The Strokes. But on their third studio LP, The Dig seem to be entering a new era, complete with a new drummer and a new control over their sound. 

From the very first measure, Bloodshot Tokyo sets itself apart from the songs topping alternative charts at the moment. “Intro (Ordinary Mind)” is expansive and easy, welcoming listeners into the fuzzy landscape of the following 10 tracks. The Brooklyn foursome have enveloped their lovelorn and fantastic lyrics in dreamy shoegaze hooks inspired from '60s and '70s psychedelia. By building upon the iconic foundation left by this era of pop culture, the Dig have made themselves more accessible to a broader range of fans.

By far the most impressive - and perhaps most commercial - is the upbeat and whimsical single “Bleeding Heart (You Are the One).” This earworm tune is propelled by a solid rhythm section, making it nearly impossible not to bop your head to the beat. With an expertly crafted fade-out, the Dig easily transition from dizzy danceability to mellow moods on “Tired of Love.” Dual vocalists Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin dream of sailing away from an estranged lover, a sentiment echoed so perfectly in the wistful, wavy melody.

Bloodshot Tokyo is out now on Roll Call Records. The Dig will be hitting the road this spring, starting with a free performance in New Haven, Connecticut, on Feb. 22. Additional tour information can be found here. 

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