Burberry confuses Riz Ahmed for Dev Patel in embarrassing tweet

Burberry is known for its classy fashion, but there is nothing classy about this tweet mix up.

After the 2017 BAFTA Awards, where Dev Patel took home the award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Lion, Burberry took to Twitter to congratulate him and point out that he was looking dapper in a custom-made Burberry tux.

It was all in good intentions, except for the fact that Burberry tweeted out a picture of Rogue One star Riz Ahmed instead of Patel.

The tweet was deleted but not quick enough before other people took a screenshot and shared it all over social media, showing the fashion house's embarrassing mix up.

Burberry fixed the tweet and posted the one below, with the correct picture of Patel.

Ahmed was actually wearing a Burberry tux at the BAFTAS as well and Burberry posted another tweet with the correct information and his picture.

Burberry released the following statement apologizing for their blunder, as obtained from Mashable.

"We apologize unreservedly for the incorrectly titled pictures of Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed posted late last night.  This was a mistake that should not have happened and was corrected immediately.  We have apologized directly to Dev and Riz.  We are checking our processes to make sure this doesn't happen again."

But Twitter users are not letting Burberry get away with the mix up of the two actors.  Some are calling out the fashion company for being "racist" and thinking "people of color all look the same."

There is no word from Patel or Ahmed at this time.

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