Dish in a Dash Feb. 20: Shia LaBeouf brings 'He Willl Not Divide Us' to New Mexico, Priscilla Presley clears up rumors, Lady Gaga launches lookbook capsule

Soccer star Abby Wambach engaged to Christian blogger.

Peter Dinklage could be starring in a new film with Alexander Skarsgard titled The Dwarf.

Check out the categories Twitter users came up with for possible new Oscar lists.

Celebrate Kurt Cobain's birthday with the top 10 music videos and performances from Nirvana.

David Harbour explained the facial expressions Winona Ryder made during his SAG Awards acceptance speech.

See the touching tribute Frances Bean Cobain left for her father, the late Kurt Cobain, on his birthday.

Lady Gaga is set to launch a lookbook for her 2017 Merchandise Capsule Collection.

Priscilla Presley cleared up rumors regarding where her twin granddaughters were located.

Angelina Jolie breaks silence on life since her divorce from Brad Pitt.

See Drake Bell's epic response to Chrissy Teigen's Fun Dip disaster.

Shia LaBeouf brings 'He Will Not Divide Us' to New Mexico.

Check out this Monday's Must Watch Videos.

Lego: Batman continued to dominate the box office.

Find out who the winners are for the 2017 Writers Guild of America.

Find out our ranking of the possible suspects in a murder on How To Get Away with Murder.

Missed The Walking Dead? Check out our recap here.

Check out our coverage of Hoodies for the Homless.

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