Drake offers to help talk suicidal man off bridge

Drake is a rapper, producer, songwriter and actor, but he also wanted to add police jumper squad member to his many titles.

The Manchester Evening News reported that when the Canadian artist was done his show at the Manchester Arena in the U.K. over the weekend, his tour bus got caught in a major traffic jam. The reason for the roadblock near the Mancunian Way bridge is because a man was threatening to jump off the bridge.

Several police were on the scene at the time and one member of Drizzy's entourage approached an officer and said that the rapper would help in trying to talk the man down if they needed.

"He offered for Drake to speak to the male on the bridge, if that would help," Police Inspector Phil Spurgeon said. "The offer was declined with thanks."

A little while later the man did come down from the bridge and was transported to hospital for an evaluation.

And Drake's fan are using this incident as another example of why they adore the rapper.

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