Gigi Hadid gets her very own Barbie doll

Wax figures are so yesterday

Gigi Hadid is the latest model to get her very own Barbie doll.

The model shared the news on Instagram with a photo of her doll courtesy of Mattel, in which the Gigi doll takes a stroll with Barbie.

Donning Tommy Jeans shirts and baring subtle midriffs, the dolls rocked denim shirts, as they pose in what appears to be a sunny, palm tree-lined backdrop. From sunnies to accessories, the fashionable dolls even sported rollerblades.

Barbie's Instagram featured the dolls posing for a selfie.

"Great (Malibu!) minds think alike!" the caption read referring to Gigi's roots. "Snapping a selfie with @gigihadid in our matching @tommyhilfiger tees."

According to E! News, the doll is not available for public sale. However, this comes at the perfect time, as the 21-year-old will be promoting her latest collection with Tommy x Gigi.

Last year's carnival theme for the debut collection received positive reviews.

This year, the collection will take place in Venice Beach for "Tommyland." From music guests to foodie truck galore, this carnival, taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 8, will also feature the see now/buy now trend brands are adopting.

Shoppers can expect to buy pieces from the collection on and in stores the next day.

Gigi has been a busy gal lately with her modeling duties for Reebok, which released its campaign featuring the beauty in its latest sneakers.

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