'Girls' HBO series: Season 6 episode 1 recap

If you are anything like me, you felt a rush of euphoria when the faces of Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Marnet graced your television screens last night. Well it is only right to have felt that way after waiting an entire year for these Girls to come back into our lives. I missed them so much that I dedicated my entire winter break to binge watching the whole series again.

Season five left us feeling super emotional, after Hannah found out that her BFF, Jessa and love of her life ex-boyfriend, Adam, were having a relationship behind her back. Now I know this betrayal was fictional, but I couldn't have been the only one who was just as heartbroken as Hannah when the despicable event occurred. The season ended with Hannah trying to find herself again after being betrayed by two of her best friends. Now with season six starting we are feeling a bit nostalgic because we know it is the final season, however we still need to know if Hannah is back to her old self? Has she fully recovered from her heartbreak? Lets get into this recap to find out!

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Hannah is in print!

The beginning of the episode starts off with a zoomed in shot of Hannah smiling and typing a story on her laptop. She seems extremely thrilled about whatever she is writing and sends it off to a New York Times editor once she's finished. Hannah gets an email from the editor, who tells her that they would love to publish her article in REAL print. Hannah's article is featured on the front page of the NY Times and the title of her piece is called "Losing my best friend to my ex-boyfriend." Doesn't take a genius to figure out who that is about!  We are then shown every reaction of Hannah's family and friends as they read the article. Some are proud, shocked and even a little guilty after reading the true event from her perspective.


Hannah's new assignment

Hannah meets with an editor from a famous magazine, who is interested in sending her on a non-Hannah like writing assignment. The editor asks her to join a surfing camp in Montauk, New York and write about her experiences. However the camp is filled of rich white girls who want to feel like "real surfers" for a summer. They are the total opposite of Hannah, which is exactly why the editor is sending her on the assignment.


Marnie and Ray

Marnie and Ray are very much together because the first time we see them on the screen it is a sex scene. However Marnie wants a little less time spent with Ray. I know it sounds confusing, but that's exactly what she means. Ray has been living in her apartment for a couple months now and its starting to be too much for Marnie. She tells him that she still wants to be together, but she'd like it if she could have her apartment to herself. Ray used to live with Adam, so he caves and decides to move back in.


The Benedict Arnold's are still together 

Ray comes back to his old apartment and he is greeted by a fully naked Jessa, who is eating yogurt on the couch. Adam then greets him by giving him a hug while in his underwear. Ray seems to be completely overwhelmed by his greeting and then it dawns on him that his stuff is nowhere to be found. While Adam and Jessa are half naked and play fighting, Ray interrupts them to ask where they put his stuff. They explain to point to a tiny corner near a window and said they wanted to give him his own space. Ray is now left with no where to stay but his ex-girlfriend Shoshanna's place.

Hannah's first surfing lesson

Hannah meets her hot, tan surf instructor who seems to already be into her awkward personality. She ends up showing up late to the surfing lesson while wearing another student's surf suit. The instructor tells her to take it off and give it to the rightful owner, but Hannah takes that literally and ends up exposing her naked body to everyone. Believe me it wouldn't be Hannah if that didn't happen. From the very beginning we are shown that Hannah looks nothing like these wannabe surfer girls. They are all extremely skinny with beach waves, which is the total opposite of Hannah. All the girls seem to be into the surfing lesson and actually trying to balance on the board except for Hannah. She's so not into that she fakes an injury and ditches the lesson all together.

Do students hook up with their surf instructors?

The hot instructor sees that Hannah has ditched the lesson and decided to have a drink at the bar. He invites her for a night out and she eagerly excepts. Hannah and the instructor hilariously dance the night away and seem to have great chemistry together.


The instructor even shows us his dope rapping skills by rapping to Twista's verse of R&B Slow Jamz by Jamie Foxx. This was my favorite part of the entire eposide!

Marnie, what are you doing?

Marnie stops by Shoshanna's  apartment to see Ray and drop some coffee off for him. She had to come to reality and understand that Ray was unintentionally kicked out of his apartment by Jessa and Adam, so he had no choice, but to live with his ex-girlfriend. While Marnie is there she notices a connection between Ray and Shoshanna. They were laughing and bonding over things she had no clue about and she kind of looked like the third wheel in her own relationship. Later on in the day Marnie visits her soon-to-be ex-husband to go over a song that they are writing together.


Soon after their "strictly business" meeting, it turns into a spontaneous make out session. Marnie....what are you doing? Your suppose to be divorcing Dezzy, not seducing him.

We love happy Hannah

Hannah wakes up the next morning in the surf instructor's bed. Yes, it happened. She tries to hurry up and leave because she doesn't want him to think that their hook up meant anything more than "just sex," but to her surprise he tells her to stay. He shows Hannah all of the beauty that is Montauk beach and it seems that these two have a sort of romance blooming.


The episode ends with Hannah, Paul Louis, the surf instructor and a couple of surf buddies gathered by a bonfire on the beach. Hannah looks up at Paul and gives him a passionate kiss and the credits roll. Everyone loves a happy Hannah and she deserves every bit of it.



Is this the beginning of a new romance for Hannah? We'll just have to watch the next episode of Girls on Sundays at 10:00 pm only on HBO. Feel free to comment your thoughts of last night's episode!




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