illumy Sleep and Wake Mask review

Does it take you forever to fall asleep and even longer to wake up? Do you feel unrested and agitated throughout the day?illumy Sleep and Wake Mask may be the drug-free answer you've been searching for.

Setting up the mask is easy. Start with charging the mask and downloading the app. Once you have the app loaded you can set your sleep schedule and alarms. The process is very simple.

The red pulsating lights that simulate sunset are very soothing as you fall asleep and last 10-60 minutes, depending on how long it takes you to fall asleep. With the app you can easily adjust how much time you need the lights on.

In the morning, the lights flash blue to simulate sunrise and gently wake you up at your set time. Simply adjust your alarm to match how long you want the lights to go on for to get up on time.

Travelling? illumy comes with it's own carrying case. And even though it won't stop the kid behind you from kicking the seat, it does block all outside light. Adjust it to change time zones with you via the app.

The one drawback for fidgety sleepers is the mask doesn't stay in place. We still felt the mask was worthwhile to simply fall asleep to, without the complications of over-the-counter sleep aids.

The illumy awake and asleep mask comes out this April. You can pre-order at a 50% discount now.

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