'Jane The Virgin' recap- 'Chapter Fifty-Five'

Jane The Virgin returned with a three year time jump after Michael’s sudden death. Before the time jump, we saw Alba trying to comfort a heartbroken Jane two weeks after losing her husband. Alba tells her while she is hurting, little by little, she will learn to be happy.

In the future, Jane is trying to get ready for a wedding, but four year old Mateo is giving her a hard time. He is not cooperating and ends up making them late. It turns out to be Rogelio’s wedding, but it is for the reality show he started with Darci. However, in the time between the last episode and this one, they began to hate each other.

Even Xo and Rogelio are not speaking since she is portrayed as an evil ex on the show and gets a lot of hate from fans. While watching a clip from the show, Xo brings up the Marbella re-opening to her boyfriend, Bruce.

Petra is working hard on getting the Marbella reopened. She even has a Kids Clubhouse planned for the kids, including her daughters Anna and Ellie. When Mateo comes to play, it is clear he has behavior issues when he pulls one of the twins’ hair. The kids are taken to prepare for a treasure hunt.

Chuck Chesser, who owns a rival hotel next door that is not for kids, is trying to get Petra’s Clubhouse shut down because he claims it is five feet over the property line. Petra is nervous about what she will do to deal with Chuck but gets no help from Rafael, who has become completely zen since prison. We also find out he has been dating a girl named Abbey for a year.

Rafael talks to Jane about the opening of the hotel and they also discuss the preschool evaluation they are going to for Mateo. At the evaluation, Rafael and Petra learn the twins are well behaved and doing well. However, when the time comes for Jane and Rafael to have theirs, they learn Mateo is having behavioral issues.

Even though there is a suggestion of an aide to shadow Mateo, Jane is not sure she wants this and wants to work to correct the behavior herself. When they get Mateo, who is with Petra, the twins and other mothers in the PTA, Jane sees Mateo throw carrots at the girls. Petra starts to discipline him but Jane scolds her.

At work, Jane’s boss is very hard on her but happens to mention that a writer’s slot is opened for Miami’s One to Read, which Jane really wants to apply to so she can show off her novel. She tells her mom and Alba at home before Rogelio joins. Jane is tired of her parents fighting and tells them they need to work things out.

Outside, Rogelio talks about how he never meant for her to be portrayed the way she was on the show. He wants them to be friends again and she eventually relents.

While at her laptop, along with the cat she adopted with Michael, Jane and Rafael come up with possible options for dealing with Mateo’s behavior. Jane wants to watch what causes his meltdowns while Rafael suggests martial arts since it works for the twins.

Petra tries a negotiation tactic but it doesn’t work out so well. However, we do find out they are sleeping together.

At his karate class, Mateo has a hard time focusing but eventually with help from the instructor, he starts to focus.

Petra tries another tactic, which involves blackmail, but it doesn’t work since Chuck is the nephew of the wildlife commissioner and he can get out of being in trouble for using illegal lobsters in his menu.

At work, Jane works up the courage to give her novel to Chloe for consideration to do a reading.

While doing another taping of the wedding, Darci tries to get Rogelio to do another year but he refuses. However, they try to encourage him by allowing him to do his passion project, the American version of The Passions of Santos.

Jane finds out Mateo is not invited to a little boy’s birthday party and when she tries to find out why, it was because of his behavior issues. There is no policy that all kids have to be invited, which she would have to go to Petra about.

Rafael tries to talk to Petra about getting Mateo invited before telling Petra someone messed with the blueprints for the Clubhouse. She thinks it could be Chuck and tells Rafael about the hate sex. He ends up bringing up Scott, but she hasn’t seen him in three years.

While getting Mateo ready for the party, Jane finds out that she was given a spot in the Miami’s One to Read. At the party, Mateo is behaving for the most part but when Rafael and Jane end up in a discussion with Petra, they are not quick to stop him from smashing the birthday cake.

Having discovered she was given a slot for the Miami’s One to Read, Jane is looking forward to it, especially when Professor Donaldson comes to hear her story. However, as it gets closer, we find out the book was changed to her story with Michael, which got the happy ending she wanted.

Petra talks Chuck into signing an agreement to allow the clubhouse to stay. She tells him it is the one thing she did on her own and she did it for her children.

In tears, she texts Rafael to say she can’t go through with it. He comes back to see her and knows she is having a hard time actually telling her story with Michael but that she needs to get out there and just do it.

She goes out the podium and even though she begins to break down at one point, she works up the courage to read her story. Afterwards, Xo has a talk with Rogelio after having found out his show was coming back even though he didn’t want to be a part of it. She tells him he helped her bring her dream come true so she wants to do that for him. He also tells her he will try to make sure she is not portrayed badly in the show.

Jane and Rafael have a heart to heart about her reading and they both agree to get a shadow for Mateo. At home, Alba tucks Jane into bed before Jane dials a number and listens to Michael’s outgoing voicemail.

At the Marbella reopening, Petra gets a card from Chuck to celebrate six months of having sex. This causes Petra to realize that the Marbella reopening broke ground eight months earlier so someone else messed with the blueprints.

While the kids are on a treasure hunt, Petra and Jane have a heart to heart. Petra tells Jane she is not a bad mother and we find out that since Rafael went to prison, they have been having weekly brunches to check in with one another. The tradition continues and as we see Petra, Jane, Rafael and the kids eating, the treasure hunt is ongoing.

Then, good news and bad news comes. After Jane finds put a publisher wants to buy her book, Petra learns that a gruesome discovery has been made.

Going outside with Rafael, they are stunned to see the skeletal remains with the same clothes as what Scott used to wear.

To be continued, indeed.

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