Kanye West releases 17-minute track 'BED YEEZY SEASON 5'

Kanye West has broken his musical silence.

The outlandish rapper released the 17-minute song titled "BED YEEZY SEASON 5."  According to The Fader, the song isn't technically new--and it technically isn't Kanye West's song. It is a demo of J. Holiday's hit "Bed" that was originally recorded for Chris Brown a decade prior. West played the song at his New York Fashion Week Show "YEEZY SEASON 5." The song was written by The Dream and produced by DJDS.

The song was actually first released in 2010 as part of a 53-track mixtape of demos. The Dream had written for stars like Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Ciara. Some of the songs would go on to become hits such as one track that would eventually become Kanye West's "Amazing."

The founder of a now defunct Rihanna fan blog posted the mixtape, titled LoveTape: The Demo's to his website although he insists he didn't originally leak the tracks.  "This was back when leaked music was easier to find. Though I didn't actually leak it, why not compile it together for fans like myself to have it all in one file,” he said.

The mixtape only has about 159 listeners according to The Fader (that will probably change soon) but now Kanye himself has gotten a hold of the "Bed" track and shared it to his Soundcloud. You can listen below.





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