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Katy Perry performs in front of Donald Trump skeleton at the Brit awards

Katy Perry made another politically-charged performance at the Brit awards that challenged both American and British politics.

The singer performed her song "Chained to the Rhythm" in front of two skeletons--one depicting President Donald Trump and the other, UK Prime Minister Theresa May. According to Elle, after the election results Perry expressed that she was,  "Motivated to fight against social injustice and to promote equality and kindness as best I know how, through my art and influence."

President Trump and Prime Minister May met in January and were photographed shaking hands. Trump is reported to have said that Brexit would be a wonderful thing for the UK. Perry called her more radical performances part of her new sound, which she has dubbed "purposeful pop," according to The Mirror. However,  some British politicians are not happy with the performance.  Tory MP Alec Shelbroke lampooned the performance, saying that it was "yet another example of leftie luvvies not being able to accept a democratic outcome."

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