Linkin Park features first female voice in newest track

While Linkin Park fans may know the alternative metal band for its own sound, it doesn't mean the group hasn't evolved.

With the band's seventh album, One More Light, set to drop on May 19, its first single "Heavy" is anything but with Kiiara's vocals.

The "Gold" singer lent her voice on the track, adding a lightness to it. Moreover, it's the first female artist featured in Linkin Park's music.

Mike Shinoda, the band's co-founder, told Billboard, "The band, with every album, every song we're trying to challenge ourselves."

While ironic to Linkin Park's angst, the song, Shinoda says, is really about "if I just let go, I'd be set free."

When asked how Kiiara came on board with "Heavy," Shinoda revealed that the singer was actually a fan of their music before the collaboration.

Lead vocalist Chester Bennington had originally sung the song without Kiiara's vocals, but it was missing another element.

"Originally Chester had sung the whole song, but we felt like it needed this other perspective, if you hear another voice on it it would make it feel like it's coming from more than one person," explained Shinoda. "We asked her if she'd sing on it, and I thought it really took the song to another dimension."

As for the rest of the album, Shinoda said that the single is indicative of the "core sound of the album."

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