Music video review for Tyson Amir "Huey and Malcolm"

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Tyson Amir is an author, musician, educator, community organizer and freedom fighter.  As a musical artist, Amir has found success in his last album, Purpose, where he had two top 5 singles as well as acclaim from top hip hop publications from all across the board.  Emboldened by his parent’s legacy (his father was a Black Panther and his mother, an avid reader and active participant in the Black Liberation struggle), Amir has released a composition of revolutionary body of work about his people’s struggles, titled Black Boy Poems.  Amir, himself, has been a part of the movement since the 1990s.  He seeks to educate, motivate, and uplift the African American community through his hip hop prose.

In his new project, Amir will be releasing an accompanying video for each of his spoken word poems from Black Boy Poems. “Between Huey and Malcolm” is the first video from this new series to be released.

The video to “Between Huey and Malcolm” opens with a Spartan scenery with the simple shot of Amir alone sitting on the sidewalk dispelling his spoken word poetry.  Amir spins a careful and enduring hip-hop induced story framework including statements from both Dr. Huey P. Newton and Malcolm X.

Amir enunciates in a steady stream of spoken word that the white medium does not uphold a character building influence on the black male.  He goes on to rip into his political outcry alluding to the media falsely depicting the black community.  Amir vents with references to Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address and the injustice of the “racially insecure” who were brought on to these white shores.

The unfair conditions are radically summed up as Amir talks about this land that is America feeding off the blood of what is now called the walking dead.  These are insightful words, as Tyson Amir’s timely poetic release reaches a powerful end as he salutes his brothers and sisters and for those who are a part of the struggle.

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