New action crime movie ‘Trespass Against Us’ [Review]

On March 3, Lionsgate will release new action/crime movie Trespass Against Us on DVD and Blu-rayTM. Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender plays the lead character, Chad. Golden Globe nominee Brendan Gleeson is Chad’s father, Colby. The relationship between these two men takes center stage throughout the action/crime film.


Trespass Against Us examines the lives of a family of criminals that live on the outskirts of a well-to-do area in Brittan. Colby represents the eldest generation in this clan. His son Chad and grandson Tyson follow after. Chad becomes torn about the life of thievery he belongs to, as he watches his son grow up. When the game of cat and mouse with the police grows more intense, he has to navigate the dangers of staying in the family – as well as the dangers of attempting to leave.


Fassbender and Gleeson carry out their roles with honesty and heart. The two men play well off one another, making their tumultuous relationship palpable. Lyndsey Marshal is well cast as the tough but loving wife of Chad. These three primary adult characters do a great job of portraying the complexities of family life – and a desire to do right by those they love – amidst utter chaos.


Somewhat surprisingly, young Georgie Smith holds his own as Tyson. Despite his age, he manages to turn in a believable performance. This is a theme that carries throughout the story and characters in Trespass Against Us. The film is not a romanticized take on a life of crime. However, it is also not a classic good vs. evil setup. Each character has a sense of humanity and realism about them, which creates an overall sense of authenticity.


With some fun car chases, serious moments, hints of humor and dashes of suspense, this is a solid movie. Additionally, the cast takes this film from a good idea to an engaging and relatable piece. Audiences are likely to end the movie feeling as though they know the characters – and may even want to see it again.

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