New study reveals most searched for 'I love' and 'I hate' terms across the globe

Do you love your husband and hate your job? Do you love sushi and hate Valentine’s Day? Well, you aren’t alone.

A new study done by has discovered what the most searched for “I love…” and “I hate…” terms are around the world As it turns out, people are a lot alike. Distinct themes emerged from the study. No matter what continent you’re from, the most popular searches were about love, family, jobs, life, or food.

The study also discovered that women are more likely than men to share their emotions on the Google search bar. People in many countries searched for terms such as “I love my husband” while only one country, Kenya, searched for “I love my wife.”

It appears that romance was a difficult area for internet searchers. While many did say that they love their significant other, many also searched “I hate Valentine’s day” and those in Mexico stated that they hate weddings.

The study revealed many popular trends across the globe, but also some strange terms only popular in specific countries. The most searched term in Tuvalu was “I hate werewolves” while only Israel declared their love for chocolate. In any case, whether you too hate werewolves or love chocolate, the map does reveal some interesting international trends. Take a look to see what the top 10 love and hate searches are. Maybe you feel the same way.



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