Rationale released new and better than even EP 'Vessels'

On Fri. Feb. 10, 2017, Rationale released the final single to his new EP, Vessels. With over one million followers on Spotify, this artist is making his way to the top. This EP features his unique baritone sound against an electric dance beat. Even more, the full EP has four songs: "Prodigal Son," "Vessels," "Reciprocate" and "Tethered."

According to Pigeons & Planes, the first single, "Prodigal Son," was an "autobiographical song that came around accidentally." In fact, he says, "It explores my relationship with my biological father at first" and also "explores the relationship that a lot of my friends have with their absent fathers."

It is interesting because this is a commonly overlooked theme in many people's lives.

The last single to be released on the album was "Tethered," which completes the EP. The soft, silky tunes of his flawless voice are contrasted against the tempo and distinctive beat. Moreover, Rationale incorporates smooth tunes in each song, and also complicates the beat with thoughtful lyrics.

Each track on his album contains his personal reflection in relation to the relationships in his life. From different experiences like heartbreak, love, passion and vulnerability, this album is special to the London artist's sound. In fact, Rationale channels emotions through making music that is relatable. Whether you are listening to the first release of "Prodigal Son" or the final single "Tethered," Rationale creatively produces a work of art for listeners to get lost in.

You can buy his new EP on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Listen to all four songs here:

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