T-Fal for a perfect #NationalPancakeDay

It's National Pancake Day! There are so many kinds of pancakes to make it's easy to get lost in recipes. But the bigger question may be 'what do I make pancakes in?' That's where T-Fal ProGrade Non-Stick Fry Pan comes in.

Why T-Fal over any other pan? T-fal ProGrade Non-Stick Fry Pan is new innovative cookware made with heavy gauge aluminum construction for stronger and longer lasting performance. The pan features T-fal's patented Thermo- Spot™ technology that indicates when the pan is perfectly preheated to seal in flavor and prevent burning. With a Hard Titanium non-stick interior and induction capable stainless steel base, and is oven safe up to 500°F. This makes them perfect for pancakes!

Using no non-stick spray I used my go-to mix for a quick breakfast - normally I do a double batch from scratch, but it is a weekday! The pan easily fit three 8-inch circles of batter.

The only trick is making sure the pan is hot enough before you start. If it's not hot enough you'll have trouble, but at a good temperature you'll get perfectly golden pancakes. T-Fal keeps the heat even across the pan for you.


I love to serve pancakes with a simple side of fruit and syrup. Honey or jam are great topping alternatives too. Have kids but don't want their calories? Sprinkle some mini chips in as the pancake starts to bubble. This way you won't burn them and the chocolate will remain gooey.

Ready to invest? Target has the T-Fal line on sale this week!


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