Valentine's Day gifts for Foodies

Whether you or not you have a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show your love for the foodie in your life with a thoughtful gift.  Coming prepared with the right gift will make colleagues, family, friends, and yes, lovers happy and appreciated. For those in romantic relationships, go to the heart through the tummy and enjoy a great evening, and perhaps run off to a delightfully sinful rendezvous afterwards.

But what to get for the person and/or people in your life to show you care?  There are so many options.  Should it be something sweet or savory or maybe booze is the only way to go? Do you want something brand new or something that has been around for awhile that you just forgot about? Do you want to do a traditional gift, or box of baked goods, or collate a bunch of items to make for the most smiles?  Do you want to prepare a romantic meal, or do you really not want to do that much cooking, but do want to look like you made an effort?  Every foodie is different.

This list has something for anyone who loves food, even those who view Valentine’s Day as S.A.D. Single Awareness Day.  Yes, this list has something for you too, as everyone wants to feel loved and special.  The last section of items are the best of the best, and yes, they may just be better than…

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