All-female ‘Juno’ cast to perform live read to benefit Planned Parenthood

Pop open a bottle of Sunny D and have your tic-tacs at the ready because the Juno cast is reuniting to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Director Jason Reitman announced on Twitter that there will be a Juno cast reunion, with a twist. Only the female members of the cast will be returning. Reitman says the cast will be performing a live read of the script in an attempt to raise funds for Planned Parenthood.

Reitman did a series of live reads for years, but stopped in 2016. However, after the events of the past election, Reitman decided to begin the series anew.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reitman said he felt he needed to do something.

“Considering how much this election has done against women and what Planned Parenthood has done for women, I thought it would be cool to hear this script with an all-female voice.”

Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner will be returning to their original roles. However, the rest of the cast has yet to be announced.  It will be held on April 8.

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