Ariana Grande and John Legend release 'Beauty and the Beast' music video

Nothing tells the tale as old as time quite like two very powerful vocalists in a magical music video.

The official music video for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was released on March 6 in anticipation of the March 17 movie debut. The video features John Legend and Ariana Grande as they perform the classic theme song with magical elegance.

Grande first hinted at the duet via her Instagram account and the song was released on Disney Radio early in February. The timely launch of the video is an effort to keep the momentum up before the movie hits theaters. It might also help to squash all the current controversial moments surrounding this much awaited for film. Such as controversy over the alleged "Stockholm Syndrome" relationship, or perhaps the "gay moment," or this newest discussion about lead actress, Emma Watson and her nearly nude photograph.

The video brings back the magic and the love story that this movie is truly about. The rose is prominently featured throughout the music video. Grande's dress is all roses with backup dancers acting as petals. Legend, seated at a baby grand piano, is adorned in a blue and gold brocade jacket. We see glimpses of scenes from the movie as well as many of the characters including Belle and the Beast as they dance.

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