Battle between Leah Remini and Scientology continues as her show gets renewed for second season

The war between Leah Remini and the Church of Scientology continues to wage on as the actress' A&E show, Scientology and the Aftermath, has been renewed for a second season.

Remini released a statement about the show's renewal which read,  “It became clear to us that although we were telling painful stories of former members of the Church of Scientology, this show was resonating strongly with people everywhere. The show is really about standing up for what is right and not letting bullies have their way. I feel it is important for people to know that you can take action to bring about change, both for yourself and for others.”

She also posted about the news on her Instagram account.

It's official. #scientologytheaftermath

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However, the Church of Scientology and it's members didn't share in the enthusiasm about the show, which they would rather just go away, getting renewed for another season.

A representative for the church discussed A&E's decision to renew the program and accused Remini and the network, of paying sources to appear on the series.

"Real transparency would be for A&E to detail all forms of compensation made to sources spreading religious hate and bigotry on Leah Remini’s show. Teamed with A&E to shamelessly turn religious hate into a commodity by treating it as entertainment ... The Church has repeatedly asked A&E to investigate the production of the Remini series and financial payments, especially in the wake of numerous violent threats generated against the Church, its leaders and parishioners coinciding with the airing of the series."

So far A&E has not responded to that accusation.

  1. I was born & raised in Clearwater FL, which I now refer to as Cultwater. This is an unbelievable scam that ruins people’s lives & the lives of their families. They came into the city by way of a lie & continue to lie & obtain more property, thus ruining the character & tax-base for a city that I remember fondly, but is nothing but a giant scam today.

    My Mother & son still live in cultwater, so I visit them there once or twice a year. It is so unbelievably creepy! Absolutely no one goes to downtown anymore. It practically does not exist…..only cult automatons wandering around in groups or pairs, dressed alike & apparently without the first clue that they & their families are total victims…..being scamed out of their families, their money & their lives.

    This is NOT a religion! There is nothing religious there! Go Leah!!! Maybe you can provide the pressure needed for citizens to wake up & demand that our representatives & courts put an end to this abomination in our midst….or at the very least, deny them tax exemption…..this is NOT a religion!!!

  2. They don’t dare sue, because the victim’s testimony will then be a part of a court record.

    They sued Debbie Cook and, after just one day of her testimony, withdrew their suit and paid her a bunch of money.

  3. I watched the documentary going clear (i think was the title) and it made me realize that scientology is a racket that unfortunately steals money, time, and family from its victims.

  4. I applaud Leah Remini for sacrificing herself to help bring understanding and truth. Serving others like she is the spiritual experience is priceless.

  5. This is a interesting show. I am glad it is back. When is scientology going to go to court to answer to all the ??

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