The best chips to eat on National Potato Chip Day!

Happy National Potato Chip Day!

That's right folks today, March 14, marks National Potato Chip Day! Not only will this snack be enjoyed by millions of people across the country, but it will also be enjoyed by millions of people around the world!

Here's a little history about the fun snack from the National Day Calendar:

During the late summer of 1853, an unhappy restaurant customer complained about his thick and soggy potatoes. After sending them back to the kitchen, the chef decided to slice the potatoes as thin as possible and fry them until they were crisp. With the addition of a little salt, the chef was relieved by the customer's pleasure. Shortly after, the funky potatoes became a staple item on the restaurants menu. They were called, "Saratoga Chips."

By the late 1870s, train cars, hotel restaurants and street carts were using the term "Saratoga Chips." In fact, the name carried into grocers across the country and in large bakeries. Even more families, grocers and restaurants started to fry their potatoes to make these crispy, salty treats. By the 20th century, potato chips spread from restaurants to homes with global revenues of over $15 billion a year!

So whether you plan on kicking your feet up with a bowl of chips and watching Netflix or lounging on the beach with a bag by your side, don't forget to use #NationalPotatoChipDay to post on social media!

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