Best and worst moments in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake

4. Be Our Guest

The second most iconic song from the original film is when Lumiere comforts Belle with an interactive song and dance routine with her food. The scene is magical in the animated version with bright colored dancing plates and a fun and catchy tune. In the remake, the scene felt overwhelming with CGI. There was simply too much going on and almost no interaction with Belle. You might have even forgotten she was there.
Where the 1991 animated version was elegant, the remake seemed crowded. It didn’t make sense in the story either.  In the original, Lumiere is comforting Belle, however in the remake, he is attempting to convince her to stay after Mrs. Potts catches her trying to escape the castle. I don’t know about you, but a singing candelabra is not enough to make me stay in a castle with an angry beast. Especially if I’ve already spent all that time tying together that makeshift rope!


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