Blakey emits tragic euphoria on 'Prism of Love'

Silky, synth-heavy ballads have become an overwhelming trend in contemporary music. From Bon Iver’s 22, A Million to Sampha’s critically acclaimed debut album, there’s a noticeable movement from the tradition of acoustic sad songs to emphatic, almost euphoric pop ballads. Emerging artist Blakey is no exception to this new makeshift rule, as demonstrated through the moody single, “Prism of Love.” In a slow-motion, soul-bearing tune that feels larger than life, Blakey gives the world an unfiltered look into the deepest corners of his heart.

“Prism of Love” proves Blakey is a slightly less compelling version of Francis and the Lights, with an opening cadence nearly identical to that of the latter’s hit single “Friends.” The subdued melody and gentle beat are as calming as they are emotionally effective. Spacious and subtle, this song allows for moments of self-reflection within the artist’s clearly personal revelations. “Prism of Love” is a poetic love letter fit for those break-up montage moments of your favorite teen romance films. Even if you haven’t been through a recent heartbreak, you still feel an intense wave of emotion when you hear something as beautifully honest as, “through your prism of love, I see the world in color.”

Hear the pensive new track below. Follow Blakey on Twitter and Facebook for more!

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