Cheero Power Plus 10050 mAh mobile battery review

Imagine: you're in the middle of reading the latest news on and in the middle of the story and don't have the full scoop. Suddenly, your low battery alert pops up and you're nowhere near a wall outlet. What do you do?

OK, so I know you're actually checking Instagram, but I also know how to get your mobile device charged with ease and style.

The Cheero line of charging accessories are not only a quick way to give your battery a boost, but they are sleek and stylish as well.

I tried the Danboard version, 10500mAh which as two charging ports. While in the middle of a project and about to dash out of the house to transport a child, when a quick check of battery life showed under 30 percent. Since the  Cheero was handy so I plugged the phone in completed the project and found in about 10 minutes battery life was up by 10 percent, with no active apps running.

Impressed with how fast the charging worked, I let the battery die down to a mere 6 percent, and without recharging the Cheero plugged the phone back in. In just over an hour the phone was fully charged and the Cheero still was at 60 percent charge, able to fuel up other devices.

But what really showed how well this device worked was when my pre-teen absconded with it. You can't get a bigger stamp of approval than that.

Also check out their mini chargers and wires, as well as car chargers.

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