Cheetos mascot is breaking into the fashion world with new clothing line (Video)

Have you ever been invited to a formal event and thought, where am I going to keep my snacks? Well, fear not, Chester the Cheetah has got your back.

In a gimmicky new marketing move, the Cheetos mascot is designing a spring line of clothing complete with hidden compartments where you can keep your favorite crunchy finger food.

The collection includes blazers with “shoulder stashers” which are hidden pockets made to hide your Cheetos. There are also pants complete with “lapkins,” which are tear-away napkins connected where pockets should be. The lapkins are perfect for wiping away that messy Cheeto dust.

So, for anyone who has ever dug through their closet to find that extra big purse to sneak in food at the movie theaters, this new fashion line is for you.

Unfortunately, these clothing items are priceless. The only way to get your hands on lapkin pants or a shoulder stasher blazer is to win it through a Facebook contest.

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