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'Criminal Minds:' Top 10 moments from 'Collision Course'

Immediately following “Spencer,” Criminal Minds focused on a case in which vehicles appeared to be used as murder weapons to hit unsuspecting pedestrians. Since there was no indication that the cars had a defect or the drivers were targeting the pedestrian victims. As the case continues, they realize someone is hacking the vehicles and try to figure out if the unsub is targeting anyone in particular.

While trying to focus on the case, the team is also thinking about Reid, who is awaiting his arraignment. Emily calls on an old friend, Fiona Duncan, in hopes of getting Spencer help and released on bail. It’s an uphill battle, especially when Reid gets news concerning the murder weapon.

The storyline involving Reid is tense and shows that if Scratch is indeed involved, he is working hard to bring the BAU down. We can only hope that Reid will get the justice he deserves and be able to go back to his own. Check out the top ten moments from “Collision Course.”

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