Don Cheadle claims President Donald Trump used the N-word

It's not news that many of Donald Trump's critics believe that the new president is a bigot. However, Don Cheadle has taken it a step further by claiming he knows when and where Trump publicly used the N-word because it was right in front of his friend's father.

The Crash star, who is a known Trump critic, made the accusation via Twitter on Saturday, March 4, when one user pointed out that actor has been "hating" on the president for some time. That's when Cheadle replied with this shocking tweet: "Hated him since he asked my friend's father at a Doral pro-am if he'd ever 'f**ked a n*gger...' Did it for me."

When some asked for proof that those words came out of Trump's mouth Cheadle responded, “Her father wasn’t wearing a wire. But look up the 2M or so articles about Drumpf and racism if you need a primer. Start with his own book.”

Trump has yet to respond to Cheadle's claim, but we can't say that it wouldn't be like the president to spar with a Hollywood celeb via Twitter so we'll just have to wait and see if he does this time.

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