Donald Trump Jr. blasts Chelsea Handler for tweet about his brother

Like father, like son. Donald Trump Jr. has just fired back and slammed one of his family's biggest critics via Twitter.

It's no secret that Chelsea Handler isn't a fan of the president or the first family and following the news that Eric Trump and his wife are expecting a baby, she took to Twitter with a jab at the Trumps.

In case that tweet didn't make a whole lot of sense, Handler clarified with a follow-up tweet about her misspelling, which she said she made because she was "stoned."

Well perhaps Donald Trump Jr. actually reads her tweets or someone told him about it, either way he fired back with a lengthy post slamming the comedienne. He must have missed her correction about the word "genes" though.

So far, Handler has not responded to Trump's tweet yet but she didn't let his diss stop her from tweeting more about her distaste for his father as you can see with one look at her timeline.

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  1. Chelsea Handler is a vulgar, un-funny piece of trash. Just trying to get headlines I’m sure. “Stoned” is a nice try. In actuality, she’s a moron.

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