Drake admits he would 'drunk text' Jennifer Lopez on 'More Life'

The wait is over! Drake has finally released his latest full length project More Life.

This isn't any normal or regular album. It wouldn't even really classify as a mixtape either. It's more of a playlist by Drake himself.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the rapper classified it by saying, "I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life."

Who else would you ever dream of narrating a soundtrack to your life anyway? It's not just the OVO King either. He featured Kanye West, Young Thung and 2 Chainz on the playlist.

Out of 22 songs though one subject seems to be the moment that we want to replay over and over more than others. That is when Drake mentions his short-lived flame with Jennifer Lopez. On the track "Free Smoke" he raps, "I drunk text J.Lo / Old number so it bounce back."

But it got a little weird on his track "Teenage Fever." In this song he mentions a failed relationship. He tells a lady friend that she is "to blame for what could have been." This then goes into the hook from Lopez's song "If You Had My Love."

The two reportedly dated very briefly posting pictures on Instagram and attending events together. There were rumors of a future collaboration, perhaps that ended when their relationship did.

Or did he date her for the song? Twitter seems to think so.

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