Ewan McGregor confesses to never seeing the original 'Beauty and the Beast' (Video)

Say it ain't so!  Ewan McGregor, who stars in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beasts as lovable candelabra Lumiere, has admitted he has never seen the original Beauty and the Beast movie.

McGregor visited The Late Show and revealed to host Stephen Colbert that he has never seen Disney's 1991 animated classic, despite the fact he is in the remake and playing one of the most iconic characters from the film.

"I have never seen it, the original. Is it good?  It's not because I didn't want to. It's just ... I don't know. It wasn't one that they [his children] watched, I guess."

McGregor, 45, tried to turn his confession around by saying it was a good thing that he has never seen the movie and made his performance stronger.

"It was quite handy, in a way, because when you're going to play a part that's so well known, it's quite good if you don't know it so it can be yours.  I didn't have to try and sound like the guy who did it in the cartoon in the '90s."

Colbert also used the interview to discuss the news that the character of LeFou, played by Josh Gad, is going to be gay in the remake.  McGregor defended LeFou with this facetious response.

"There's a lot of gay sex in this cartoon -- and if you live anywhere near Alabama, you should not go and see this film.  What would Jesus think?  He's a gay character!  It's 2017, for f**k's sake!"

Check out the full interview with the Scottish actor below!

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