Girl steals Pope Francis' hat at the Vatican and his reaction is priceless (Video)

This girl not only stole the Pontiff's hat, but also his heart!

On Tuesday, March 22, 3-year-old Estella Westrick from Georgia got the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square as her godfather, Mountain Butorac, is a Catholic tour organizer in Rome who frequently gets the opportunity to meet the Holy Father.

Butorac admitted to CNN that his goddaughter was very nervous to meet the Pope, but once she got up there, she loosened up and decided to steal his infamous white hat, known as a zucchetto. Butorac posted the video of Estella interacting with Pope Francis on his Twitter. So far it has received over 16,000 retweets and over 37,000 likes.

After Estella stealthily grabbed for the zucchetto, Pope Francis tried to grab it back, but missed.  Everyone starts laughing, including the Pope.  But don't worry, he did get the zucchetto back!

The kicker of it all?  It's only Estella's first day in Rome as she is vacationing there with her parents.

"Who knows what she will get up to tomorrow," said Butorac.

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