'Girls' season 6 episode 5: 'Gummies'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to another recap of Girls the final season. I think we can all agree that last week's episode was full of the unexpected. The most shocking news that was revealed to us was Hannah's pregnancy and it didn't help that one of her past hookups delivered the news. Sadly, towards the end of the episode we learned that Ray's beloved friend and business partner, Hermie, had passed. After his passing, Ray had a new appreciation for life and decided to start a new path. Let's get into this recap and discuss the craziness of episode five!


Paranoid Hannah 

In the beginning of the episode we see that Hannah has already googled anything and everything about being pregnant. Followed by a typed up list titled, "Why it's insane for me to have a baby." As a writer I approve of this kind of decision making. 


Adams New Movie

Adam is acting in a scene that seems quite familiar to us day one Girls fans. He is filming his new movie that is based on his relationship, betrayal and new found love with Jessa. None of that could've happened if it wasn't for Hannah, so Adam made her a main character in his film. In the scene, Hannah's character Mara is filming a sex scene with Adam where he repeatedly smacks her butt. He obviously is portraying his own character and seems to be reliving his relationship with Hannah through his movie. Lets face it, we know you miss her Adam.


Grandma Loreen 

Hannah's mom comes to visit and we learn that she was recently prescribed medical marijuana. She said it was illegal to travel with her medical cannabis, so she brought some edible, marijuana-infused gummy worms along with her. Once her mom was finally settled in her home, Hannah revealed to her mother that she was pregnant. At first her mother was in disbelief, she pretty much laughed it off, but when she looked at Hannah's face she knew it was true. Loreen (Hannah's mom) asked her daughter if she was sure that she could handle having a child in her life. Hannah said that every time she thought about other options, something kept telling her that it was "her baby." So she decided that she was going to keep it.


The Break Up

Marnie finds Ray in Hermie's house looking at his old things to keep the memories of him alive. Ray starts showing Marnie some of Hermie's old pictures and he seemed to be really interested in his friend's past life.

Marnie on the other hand, seemed annoyed with Ray's enthusiasm and made up an excuse to leave. She knew that her fabricated story sounded extremely selfish, so she told ray, "I could cancel if you want me to." However to her surprise, Ray was already on to her selfish scheme. He said, "Why don't you just leave now, don't come back and we can just break up!"

This was a shock to Marnie, who thinks that Ray has an undying love for her, how dare he break up with her! Ray decided that this was the best decision because since Marnie's leisure time was more important than their relationship.


Jealous Jessa

The next scene that Adam films is a scene where Mara, (Hannah's character) is having trouble dealing with her mental illness.


If you guys can remember, this scene is based off of the time where Hannah was having an intense OCD episode and Adam was there to help her cope with it. While they were filming the scene Jessa was watching in the background. When she saw how passionate Adam was with the scene and that it ended in romance, she was pretty pissed.


Adam called for a scene cut and asked for Jessa's opinion on how it was portrayed. Jessa criticized it by saying Hannah's character was a bad actress. She said that the movie was supposed to show how she ended up being the better woman for Adam, with no romance between him and Hannah. Sorry Jessa, you can't be jealous of something that already happened.



Poor Loreen

Hannah and her mom take a trip to the laundry mat to wash some clothes and in the meantime they are still talking about her pregnancy.


Loreen is in support of Hannah's decision, but she just wants to make sure that she really thought it through. Loreen starts to open up to Hannah about how she really feels now that she's officially divorced. She said that living at home alone was making feel incredibly lonely. When Hannah hears this she tries to comfort her mother and says that she won't be alone because she'll soon have her and the baby to keep her company. However, becoming a grandma made her feel older than ever and she ended up storming out of the laundry mat after the heated conversation.

Mommy's Missing 

Hannah comes back home to find the clothes that her mom was washing on the front porch. Once she's walks into her apartment, she realizes that her mom is missing. Elijah and Hannah search all of the city to find Loreen, but there's no sign of her. Hannah calls her mom and by the sound of her voice they know she's completely stoned off of her medical gummy worms. She murmured something about egg rolls, which made Elijah and Hannah search every Asian restaurant in the city. As they are walking Hannah catches a glimpse her mom inside of an Asian restaurant and she runs inside. Loreen seems to be more than fine as she feasts on a huge smorgasbord in front of Hannah and Elijah. Both Hannah and Elijah are relieved that they found her, but then she raises a toast to Hannah's baby. When Elijah first hears this he laughs it off, but the awkward looks on Loreen and Hannah's faces let him know that it was true.



Elijah's Low Blow

Elijah storms away from the table after learning that Hannah is pregnant. She runs after him to explain, but to her surprise he doesn't want to hear anything about it. Elijah reacts the exact opposite of what Hannah expected and tells her that keeping baby is another reckless, impulsive, "Hannah decision." Hannah told him that she thought he'd be more excepting of it and would help her raise the baby. Elijah tells her that she couldn't just assume that he'd raise a baby with her and that she was going to mess up their living situation by adding a baby to the mix. "You're going to be a terrible mother," says Elijah and then he leaves poor Hannah in the restaurant to cry. Wow Elijah that was a real low blow. 


Hannah Meets Mara

As Hannah is about to walk into her apartment building she sees a girl who looks freakishly like her sitting on the front step.

She turns around and sits on the step to talk to her for a bit. During their convo the girl mentions that she was in the building to film a movie. Hannah asked if it was Adam's movie and she said yes. The actress tells Hannah that the name of her character is Mara, a writer/love interest with a mental illness. Later on in the conversation, Hannah reveals to the actress that she is pregnant. Hannah asks her if she has any children and she says yes. She assumed that having kids must be difficult, but the actress told her that kids are super easy and being an adult is way harder. Ditto.



Will Hannah and Elijah kiss and make up? Find out on the next episode of Girls on Sunday at 10 p.m. only on HBO.

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