'Jane The Virgin' recap- 'Chapter Fifty-Seven'

The last episode of Jane The Virgin took us on a journey inside her novel and how she came to begin writing it. After Michael’s death, she had lost her voice and was unable to wrote anything for a year and a half. It was Rafael who convinced her to begin writing, giving her ideas such as the history of Florida. Soon after looking up information on the state, she got the idea to set her romance during that time, with the characters names as Josephina (Jane), Penelope (Petra), Martin (Michael), Zara (Xo) and Rafael (Rake).

In the present, Jane talks to Rafael about choosing between aides for Mateo. Even though they liked Alex, who is a male, she went for a female named Carly, mostly because she has been surrounded by women. They take Mateo to school to watch how he interacts with Carly.

Jane and Rafael meet with Stacey, one of the other moms, who Jane judges silently for appearing to be bitchy. However, Rafael thinks she is really nice. When Rafael gets home to meet up with Abbey, he discovers she wants to move him with him. However, he is not sure if he is ready for this type of commitment.

In another city, Petra and Chuck are having dinner together.

After her talk with Rafael earlier, Jane goes to meet with her new editor, a very outgoing young man named Jeremy. He loves her novel but he feels like there needs to be more of an obstacle regarding Rake, the robber baron who got Josephina pregnant.

Jane tries to do the rewrite at home, but she has a difficult time capturing the type of obstacle she feels Jeremy was talking about. Meanwhile, her dad meets with his new lawyer, Donnie Shapiro, who is willing to do whatever is necessary for Rogelio to win the lawsuit against him.

Xo discovers she is going to be deposed in the lawsuit and she is feeling nervous because she is still upset with Rogelio over his deception. Bruce offers to go with her for the meeting.

Jane goes to the school and thinks she sees Stacey and another mother gossiping about her son. However, it turns out the woman is Gwen Conway, the director of the Preschool. She writes her an apology card after having scolded her but Petra tells Jane that she needs to take action. She invites her to the planning committee for the preschool fundraiser.

Xo has the deposition with Shapiro and Bruce later admits that he does not like the man.

When Jane goes to the planning committee, it doesn’t go very well when she tries to suggest scrapping a second fountain, even though Gwen loves fountains. Petra quietly urges her to volunteer to work at the fundraiser in order to make things better.

Petra has a conversation with Rafael about Jane at the meeting before she tells him that she will be having dinner with Chuck that night. He then calls Elvis to let him know the room will be empty.

Jane gets advice from Xo about her novel then gets an idea to write her mother in as Zara seducing Rake. However, Xo does not like the idea and orders her to delete it.

Petra is on her way to dinner when she realizes she forgot her phone. She goes upstairs to find Elvis in her room and is not happy. After writing to cancel on Chuck, she opens the air vent to see there is a book inside. She hides the book just as Abbey comes in to talk to her about Rafael. Petra tells her she thinks he should move in with her.

Jane goes to pick up Mateo and after asking Carly how Mateo was, she hears a story about how one of the kids was a terror. As she is leaving, Jane gets a call from Jeremy about a deadline for her novel.

At the fundraiser, Jane is having trouble selling tickets and then she gets word they are short staffed in the kitchen for dishes. She tries to get help but to no avail. She then gets help from Abbey and Rafael. When Gwen comes in, Jane takes the opportunity to apologize and they make amends.

Xo gets a text from Rogelio that the case has been settled and he hopes to settle things with her. Bruce suggests she give it a try since he notices she is happier when her entire family is together.

Rafael checks on Petra, who is very drunk. She ends up admitting she thinks he is not ready to move in with Abbey and he should think about it. Not knowing Abbey is watching, Petra gets up to go and find Chuck. She tries to seduce him by giving him a flash under her bathrobe, but he is in the middle of a poker game.

When Jane talks to Jeremy about her novel, she finds out that he just wanted to read more about Josephina’s feelings if she actually did love Rake. He didn’t mean for her to add in an external obstacle.

Alba talks to Jane about her novel. Jane admits she feels like she would be betraying Michael. Alba reminds her that her love for Rafael deepened her love for Michael when she chose him. Jane is able to then write her novel.

Bruce sits Rogelio and Xo down together so they can hash out the issues they have been experiencing. After making eye contact and talking, they agree to make amends.

When Jane hears more gossiping from Carly, she is not thrilled and then finds out that Mateo doesn’t actually like her. Jane tells him to always tell her how he feels and he admits to liking the other aide, Alex, much to Rafael’s glee.

Petra and Chuck are together when a guilty Petra admits to him what she had done with the bones when Scott was found. He is not happy with her and leaves.

Jane finds out Stacey thinks she told everyone about issues her son was having. However, Jane assures her she never told anyone and that it was likely Carly, who gossiped about everything. Stacey apologizes for assuming it was her.

Rogelio meets with Donnie and is stunned to find out he is being sued again. The network somehow discovered they were trying to use a smear campaign and he apparently broke the non-disparagement clause.

Rafael talks to Abbey and admits he doesn’t want to move in with her. However, she found a letter he wrote saying he wanted to and she wonders what changed.

Bruce is preparing an proposal after having asked Alba and Jane for help. Just before he can get things started, Rogelio interrupts to ask him to be his lawyer. After responding in the affirmative, Bruce asks Xo to marry him. She happily agrees.

Later on, Jane and Rafael have a talk and he tells her he broke up with Abbey. What he doesn’t know is that Abbey sent the book Elvis was hiding to Dennis. The book was a burn book that belonged to Scott.

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