Matthew Perry admits to beating up Justin Trudeau in the fifth grade

I guess the two weren't Friends ...

Matthew Perry visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, March 15 ,when Kimmel started asking him about his Canadian heritage and hit on the fact that Perry and current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to school together.

Upon hearing this, Perry gets a little uncomfortable but jumps into the story he has of the time he beat up Trudeau to Kimmel's delight.

At the time, Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau was the Canadian PM. In fact, Perry's mother was his press secretary, according to the tweet below that has a newspaper clipping about Perry's mom.

But the fact that Trudeau's dad was the PM wasn't the reason Perry beat up the future politician.  “I think he was excelling in a sport that we weren’t as [good at].  So, it was pure jealousy.  I think he was the only kid in school we could beat up.”

But Perry made it very clear that he was ashamed of the act.

“I’m not bragging about this. This is terrible, I was a stupid kid," said the Friends star.

Of course, Perry turned the beating (which he said was because the PM was just so good looking) into a positive.

“But I think it was rather instrumental in him going to such great heights and becoming prime minister.  Yeah, I think he said, ‘I’m gonna rise above this, and I’m gonna become prime minister.'”

Check out the full video of Perry talking about the incident below!

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