Melissa George speaks out on domestic abuse that ended her marriage

Melissa George speaks out in new interview about the horrific domestic abuse at the hands of her longtime partner, for the sake of their children.

George appeared on Australian's Sunday Night and detailed the ongoing trauma left after a violent attack from her five-year partner Jean-David Blanc on her six months ago.

"It started with him on top of me, with my arms locked above my head,” George explained of the alleged assault. “I just tried to fight for myself, which made him more angry, which made me more angry and he pushed me into the door and then struck my face and I hit the wall and fell on the floor and I was out. Just out. He stood over me and said, ‘Now you’re a real actress."

George claims that during their relationship Blanc was physically and emotionally abusive to her. She said she tried to call the police, but allegedly Blanc continued to attack her, even more violently, by grabbing the back of her head and smashing her into a metal coat hanger. George then fought back with Blanc, scratching him. She said she finally got away from him when she was able to phone an Uber, who drove her to the police station. She was then hospitalized with a swollen, bloody face and was vomiting as a result of the incident.

Blanc and George were both charged with assault, although Blanc denies assaulting her, he claims George attacked him first and he was trying to defend himself. A judge who overheard the case ruled that the Australian actress and French film maker attacked each other. Now, there is an ongoing custody battle between the two.

“A happy ending would be to go home with my kids and the father can have his kids as often as he wants and see them, but to be able to show my kids my country and where they are from,", said George, who was stopped in an airport with her children, a week after Blanc made kidnapping accusations.

George hopes that by speaking publicly of the ordeal, it will allow authorities to give her custody of her two sons, Raphael 3 and Solal 16 months. She also wishes to return to Australia with her kids, raising them in her home country, giving Blanc visitation rights.

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