Memo Box Mini Smart Pillbox from Tinylogics review

Forget jamming your meds into your pocket, leaving them on the counter or lugging a ginormous pillbox all day. The Memo Health "Smart Pillbox" from Tinylogics is a revolutionary way to hold, remind you to take and track  your meds.

This Kickstarter item is sure to be a huge success for kids from 5 to 95 who have to take medications at allotted times of the day.

First off, the size of the pill box is compact with enough room for two extra large or multiple small pills with three dose sections. It fits into a pocket or purse with ease.

Second, the alarms! This is great for those that need help keeping track of when to take meds or those who tend to forget their meds at home.

Last, but most important, the app that controls it all! No little buttons or odd instructions anymore! The app is not just to set alarms though. It's an all-inclusive program that learns your behaviors, can help you remember refills and with a simple scan of your prescription label even gives the dose instructions.

Here's more of what it does:

  • Alerting users if you left home without medication
  • Provides reminders with a green indicator 'to take' and warning with a red indicator against 'double dosage'
  • Records medication intake as either 'taken' or 'missed'
  • Information is stored within the app, sending alerts/updates to phones
  • Enables users to monitor family's medication activities
  • One-month battery life (rechargeable)
  • Easy to locate Memo Box Mini with 'Ping' function

Living with someone who is notorious not only for leaving meds home, but forgetting whether he took them or not, I was really intrigued by this product. So far, it's made a great impact on how meds are handled around here. And even when the box isn't filled with pills, the functionality of the alarm and the app still help keep medicine-taking on track. I just need him to set up refill reminders and we'll be set!

Their Kickstarter campaign closes in 24-hours, is funded 3 times over and has sold out of pre-orders! We're just as excited by this product and wish them well.

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