Must Watch: Lo Moon debut 'Loveless' music video

When LA art-pop trio Lo Moon first emerged onto the scene late last year, no one was prepared to be so impressed by their work.

They’ve still only released one single, but it’s an incomparable piece of music that encompasses every emotion imaginable through its waves of darkness and light. “Loveless” is a stunning seven-minute record (don’t worry, there’s also a radio edit) that singer Matt Lowell described to Noisey as having “a strong feeling of journey and at the core of the journey is hope and belief.”

The band has finally premiered a purely cinematic music video for the track, allowing us to feel an even deeper connection to the incredible project.

Lo Moon are nothing if not precise and practical in their vision and this music video proves exactly that. Every little detail in these seven minutes fits into the broader narrative of the visually marvelous video. Muted colors engage in stark contrast to the vibrant and rich sound, but enhance the song’s quiet moments. The video moves through present and past, a mismatched series of events that feels generously similar to the True Romance-inspired video for The 1975’s “Robbers.”

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Lowell says the group is inspired by “the nostalgia beauty, and that melancholic feeling in all of [their] favorite records,” which is probably why listening to “Loveless” feels like watching your favorite sad movie—comforting, yet intensely personal and delicate. Nostalgia, beauty and melancholy run rampant through this sensational music video, the true sign of an invested group of artists. It’s equal parts mystery, whimsy, thrill and romance, with visuals on par with those seen in David Fincher’s Gone Girl or Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

The level of artistry and forethought required to produce a video as mesmerizing as the song itself prove Lo Moon are something special. Keep your eye on this innovative trio as they tour with Temples this spring!

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