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Must Watch Music Videos – Future, Imagine Dragons, The Weekend

The Monday wake up can be a tough hurdle to clear. Yet fret not, we have our 10 Must Watch Music Videos to motivate you through this day.


Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos! How was your weekend? If it was anything like ours, you’re staring at your coffee cup right now debating whether you can get away with calling out from work. Yeah, we thought so. Before you do anything rash though, remember what this coming Friday is: Saint Patrick’s Day. Our humble advice to you: Push through today and save the calling out card for those quickly approaching festivities.

That being said, we understand the Monday wake up can be a tough hurdle. Fret not, we won’t leave you to attempt this all on your own. Here we have 10 of the best music videos released in the last week to help get you out of bed and get the day going. From Future to Imagine Dragons, there is something for everyone on this list.

So let the music move you and the visuals inspire you this morning. Keep that chin up. You got this! Besides, when Friday arrives, you’ll thank yourself.

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