Must watch music videos – Lorde, Bruno Mars, Keyshia Cole

We’re back with more Must Watch Music Videos to help you kick the Monday blues – Lorde, Bruno Mars and Keyshia Cole make appearances in this edition.


It’s Monday. The morning for which there is never enough coffee. The day that seems to last a thousand years. The start of what always feels like it will be the longest week of your life. Yup. We get it. But hey, it isn’t all bad. Sure, you probably shouldn’t hit the club tonight. Yeah, there aren’t any good concerts this evening. But you know what? That doesn’t mean the killer music can’t go on. We still have our Must Watch Music Videos.

So let us get you that musical fix, which will help propel you through the hardest day of the week. Among the many videos today we have Lorde in a new clip that sees her walk, drive and dance through a city. Bruno Mars makes an appearance in a ‘90s-inspired video, while Keyshia Cole lives out every scorned woman’s revenge fantasy.

Relax and let the music live on. Welcome to this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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