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'NCIS: Los Angeles:' Top 10 moments from 'Queen Pin'

NCIS: Los Angeles saw the team taking on different cases but still intertwined in a way that made the episode feel interconnected. We got a look back at the case involving Ahmed Han Asakeem, who was the terrorist they had been sent to pick up before the helicopter crash that injured Kensi.

In addition to Callen and Anna being sent to collect the terrorist from Arizona, Sam must go back undercover quickly when a contact calls him for assistance. Deeks is sent on overwatch while Kensi and Nell investigate.

We got to see Eric work seamlessly on both cases, focusing on getting from Callen and Sam so seamlessly that at first, I assumed he was still following the Sam investigation when he was giving Callen information he needed.

There were also hints that we were not done with LAPD IA investigator Whiting, who we learned is recovering from her injuries in the shooting. What will happen with Deeks now that she has survived? Only time will tell. While we wait for the next episode, check out the top ten moments from “Queen Pin.”

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