'NCIS' recap- 'What Lies Above'

NCIS had an episode that focused on the triple homicide in Tim’s apartment 15 years ago before Tony moved in. When the episode opened, Tim was returning to his apartment only to find someone in his home. Someone shoots at him but he is able to get to a corner and fights back in self defense. He is able to graze one burglar who escapes and he shoots the other one dead. Tim then calls his boss for help.

Leon is with Jenna having drinks as she tries to talk getting him into politics. He is interrupted when Gibbs calls to inform him about Tim’s attack. After the call, we see the team at Tim’s apartment as they comb through the crime scene. They don’t know who could have done the burglary and Tim is reluctant to tell Delilah, especially since she is away for work.

When asked if anything is missing, Tim looks for a flash drive that Delilah has detailing her entire life. Unfortunately it is missing. The team tries to get him to come clean but when Delilah calls, he acts like everything is fine.

The team goes over the case in the bullpen as Tim tells them he only told Delilah about the break in since that freaked her out more than anything. Their dead burglar that Tim shot is Louis Cole, who is a parolee. Ellie looks into the past triple homicide, in which Paul Triff had killed three felons in his home with an electric carving knife. Tim doesn’t fee there is a connection.

Tim and Gibbs go down to autopsy where Ducky informs the younger agent he got a lucky shot to the heart. He balks saying he was just trying to defend himself. Abby comes down to hug Tim before telling them the prints on a crowbar found in the bedroom belonged to a known burglar named Walter Shibberd and she was able to ping his cell phone.

Nick and Tim go to pick him up together and sure enough, he is bleeding from a gunshot wound to the arm. They take him in and are also able to recover the missing items from Tim’s place. Walter admits to the burglary and that Louis had gotten a tip about something being hidden in the apartment. The team now must search Tim’s apartment, but he is not going to want to see everything ripped apart so Abby gets an idea.

Vance gets a call about changing a lunch date with Jenna and it turns out to be a place where other politicians have been known to gather. Meanwhile, the team tries to figure out who Louis knew in prison and Tim is hoping he is not connected to Paul Tripp. Then Alex and Ellie discover he worked in food services and had gone to other prisons to train other prisoners. One of those prisons was where Paul Triff is held.

Tim and Alex go to interview Triff, who is as psychotic and gross as they believe. He claims he knows nothing about why Louis would break into his own apartment and talks about how he had installed the floors himself.

Abby shows the team a device she has to search the apartment without tearing it apart. It’s an x-ray scanner and can be used to look through the walls and floors. Ellie finds out Paul was staying at a halfway house so she goes with Gibbs.

They meet up with the halfway house office manager, Margo Lenkovic, who talks about what a nice guy Paul was. However, she mentions that she didn’t know him well and that the residents kept to themselves.

In Tim’s bedroom, the team is still looking but haven’t found anything. When they need to search the bed, they look underneath to find comic books and Tim’s dad’s ashes, which he has been keeping until they could find the perfect place to spread them. Abby uses the scanner and discovers something was hidden under the floor. Once they open it, Tim is in shock to see a dead body.

After finding the body, the team has yet another discussion about whether Tim should tell Delilah about the murders, especially now. Tim is still too stunned to think of anything else.

The body was mummified so well that it is hard for Ducky to determine when he died. Thanks to getting a fingerprint, Jimmy lets them know the victim is Logan Pruitt, a crooked lobbyist who had gone missing in 2002. In the bullpen, Alex informs Nick about who he was and how he was suspected of being part of the Pretoria diamond heist before his disappearance.

A shaken Tim tries to get back to work as Abby tells them a key found inside the body likely led to a safety deposit box. As Gibbs and Tim leave to question Paul Triff, Vance and Jenna have lunch and discuss the possibility of solving the heist. She also introduces him to a congressman.

Gibbs and Tim talk to Triff. He informs them, once they give their theory of how the murder took place, that Logan went back on their partnership to hold onto the diamonds quietly for a few years. He had killed Logan weeks before the three felons, who were part of the heist. When he realizes they don’t know where the diamonds are, he tries to ask for a larger cell in exchange for information.

The two men refuse to give in and Jenna shares her unhappiness about this to Gibbs and Vance. In annoyance, Vance tells her he doesn’t “dance with the devil.” Jenna is hurt by his comment and leaves.

Abby informs Ellie and Gibbs she found a hair inside Louis’ shirt and it was purple. They realize it belonged to Margo, who had a relationship with Louis. She informs them he had said the diamonds were in Delaware. Nick and Alex go to the bank in question and find the diamonds.

Tim goes to tell Paul they found the diamonds and he asked if there are anymore surprises in his apartment. Paul, at first, says no, but then slyly answers there might be. This does not sit well with the agent, who does end up calling Delilah to tell her everything, except for knowing about the triple homicide beforehand.

Jenna and Vance discuss their relationship and decide to move on. Meanwhile, Tim returns home to find he has a visitor. Gibbs is there to help fix his floors.

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