#PLLEndGame: Essential character ranking

On April 18, Pretty Little Liars will officially come to an end as we say goodbye to Rosewood for good. After murders, kidnappings, missing persons, creepy look-alike dolls and thousands of pointless attempts at guessing A's identity, we will finally understand who's been terrorizing our favorite liars all these years.

We'll be honest, with all the characters and story lines over the years, we're not completely sure what this finale's reveal will tell us. We already know that ***SPOILER*** CeCe Drake is A, but we're hoping this "Uber A" figure is a reveal that makes everything else seem small.

In honor of the end of one of the most wild shows on television, we decided to do a bunch of stories reminiscing on our favorite episodes, reveals and of course, characters.

First up, here is a list of all our favorite PLL essential characters. FYI: We were going to call this list our list of the "Good," but knowing our liars, can we really say with certainty that one of them wasn't in on it all along? We didn't think so either.

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