Ranking the docs of 'Grey's Anatomy' on National Doctors Day

Thursday, March 30, is National Doctor's Day and to celebrate we decided to do a ranking of all our favorite surgeons on Grey's Anatomy.

Over the past 13 seasons, Grey's has given us far too many doctors to possibly talk about everyone, but come on, we all know who the true hotshots of Seattle Grace (now Grey Sloan Memorial) Hospital are!

From interns, to residents, to attending, to the many Chiefs of Surgery, the ShondaLand juggernaut has seen more doctors come in and out the door in 13 seasons than we can wrap our brains around.

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Looking back, it is hard not to get a little emotional thinking about all of the doctors no longer with us whether it was due to show departures or infamous ShondaLand deaths (RIP Mark and Lexie). But to honor docs everywhere, here's a look back at the doctors that made us laugh, cry and yell at the TV every week on Grey's Anatomy as we rank our favorite surgeons.

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