“Red Lipstick Murders” is a solid start for the hard rock trio Seven Day Sleep

On Feb. 20, Seven Day Sleep released their debut single, “Red Lipstick Murders.” This trio is a Los Angeles-based hard rock band, with members from the United States, Switzerland and Turkey.

“Red Lipstick Murders” immediately kicks off with driving guitars – reminiscent of old school metal. Then, it drops suddenly into a slow and weighted moment, adding a sense of groove. The female vocalist sounds a bit like Hayley Williams, with a hint of Kimberly Kornmeier (Bow Ever Down). She navigates the track well, oscillating between unsettling whispers and feisty narration.

As the tracks picks back up in pace and density, an interesting combination of accessibility and sharp-edges form. The underlying rhythm here is sure to get people moving. However, it does not veer off into pop. A combination of metal rage, punk quirkiness and hard rock arrangements make appearances in “Red Lipstick Murders” – all wrapped in an almost radio-ready alternative package.

The ingredients in this track are all solid. However, at moments they could be better blended. That being said, this is a solid debut single from Seven Day Sleep. Listeners will look forward to their full EP release.

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