Relive Lady Gaga's most iconic music videos!

While Lady Gaga has always released eclectic music, it's her music videos that have cemented the songs as iconic.

From the images of Great Danes to seriously crazy-looking heels, it's no wonder that Mother Monster receives the best product placement for brands. And when audiences doubt a performer can sing and dance at the same time, Gaga shuts down lip-syncing criticism with her vocals.

Given that it's the singer's birthday on March 28, we decided to look back on some of her most memorable music videos prior to her soft-rock pop album Joanne.

The "Million Reasons" performer may just be turning 31, but she's given us more than just entertaining music videos. She has highlighted themes very prevalent in society that doesn't get enough billing in music, like bisexuality and disability.

Early on, her music videos casted a harsh light on fame, however, explicit they were at the time, but looking back, it's signature Gaga.

On a lighter note, the singer turned actress showed off her range of outrageous costumes in these music videos that we bet other performers wished they wore first.

Scroll through to check out Lady Gaga's top music videos.

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