Remake of Stephen King's 'It' trailer released (Video)

The chilling trailer for the new movie remake of Stephen King's It was released on Wednesday, March 29.

The trailer begins with a little boy chasing a paper boat down the street on a rainy day. After following the boat past a street barricade where it sinks into a sewer, the boy comes face to face with Pennywise the Clown.

From there, the film shows the famed Losers Club trying to track down the clown by watching old home movies only to realize the projector has been possessed by It. We're also treated to a few other terrifying images including one of the Losers Club members hallucinating a little boy in a sewer. Not scary at all.

USA Today noted that the movie is set to be released Sept. 8 and stars Bill Skarsgard as the infamous monster.

You can watch the trailer below, but do yourself a favor. Learn from my mistakes and don't watch it late at night in the dark.

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