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Review: 'You're Not As ___ As You Think' by Sorority Noise

Sorority Noise produce emotionally rich, cohesive and intelligent indie rock on their first album since 2015. The quartet, originally from Hartford, Connecticut, made their debut four years ago and have captivated audiences with their unique sound. For fans of Modern Baseball, the Front Bottoms or the Hotelier, You're Not As ___ As You Think will serve as a comforting LP in an all too uncomfortable world.

At their best, Sorority Noise make sad indie rock sound inviting and cathartic. It's easy to hear the pain and emotion in Cameron Boucher's voice, but it isn't alienating or whiny. With a more diverse and introspective approach, the band's third album delves into complex contemplations accompanied by roaring riffs and stadium-sized choruses. There is a thoughtful juxtaposition between some of the unflinchingly upbeat melodies and the lyrics, which tend to slowly reveal dark truths upon the second or third listen.

You're Not As ___ As You Think uncovers a whirlwind of emotions we can all relate to, no matter our usual disposition. The LP moves quickly -- there isn't one track listed longer than five minutes, and the shortest clocks in just under two minutes. Despite their brevity, these songs have a way of making you think. "A Better Sun" and "Disappeared" are two of the stronger tracks on the album. Each is bold and clever in its own way, but both make the heavy feel light. There are some who think emo is transitioning into a triumphant fourth wave. Sorority Noise seem to be leading the movement with songs like "Where Are You?" and "No Halo."

On their third album, Sorority Noise revel in a kind of fragile optimism. This is by no means a happy album, but they manage to make the pain of living seem somewhat bearable, if simply by shouting their emotions and hoping someone is there to listen.

You're Not As ___ As You Think is available now. Listen to "Disappeared" below!

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